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Improve Your Website With These 4 Questions

Website Strategies

As a pet sitter, your website is crucial to your business.

It allows pet owners to figure out if you and your business are a good match for them, generally making a decision on a gut feeling. If your website is giving people bubble gut or something similar to the aftermath of excessive dairy intake, it may be time for a website tune up.

But before you do anything at all, ask yourself the four questions below to figure out where your website needs attention.

What does my audience really want?

Before even purchasing a domain name you must understand exactly what your target audience wants and why they would want it from you. Most likely they’re looking for a pet sitter in their area.

Okay, that’s a start. But what do they want on an even deeper level?

They are looking for a professional who can care for a member of their family. They want to enjoy themselves when they’re away and not have to worry if their pet is in good hands. Their pet is so important to them, that even the thought of losing their fur baby can be heartbreaking.

When developing a strategy for your website, or any other marketing piece, think about how you can appeal to the true needs of pet owners.

How can I give them more?

If every pet owner who found your website hired you immediately—life would be good. But in reality many pet owners cruise the Internet super highway to scope out pet sitters for future use. Some may bookmark your site, some may get distracted, do something else and forget about your website. Either way, only giving contact information on your website is not the best idea.

Give something to those scoping pet owners by creating blog posts. Creating blog posts will allow you to showcase your expertise on a variety of different topics, with 2 fantastic outcomes.

First, you’ll be able to education pet owners and potential clients with your expertise in the industry. This will help them to remember who you are, and encourage them to hire you when they’re ready for a pet sitter. Secondly, each blog post is a gateway to your website, something search engines love. Blogging will help increase your indexed page count, and help search engine rankings.

Can my audience easily find what they’re looking for?

One of the biggest sources of website aggravation is not being able to find anything. This will cause website visitors to become frustrated and leave a website. The fact of the matter is that there are other people out there, who do what you do, in your area.

It doesn’t help to try and trick prospects into calling you, because they will most likely leave your website and never come back.

To get the best results, understand what visitors want and find the easiest way to get them there. The farther they go into your website, the more committed they become and the more information you can give them.

How can I connect with my audience?

As mentioned before, not every pet owner who comes by your website is going to be ready to hire you. Instead of letting them leave, never to be heard from again, find a way to stay in touch.

This can be done in a few different ways. One of the most popular is collecting email addresses. This allows you to keep up with them on specials, new services and other information that would be of interest of them.

Another popular option is to connect with visitors through social media. This allows you to share similar information that you would with an e-newsletter, but in a more fun and personal way.

Long Story Short

The big point that needs to be made: you have to understand your website visitors. Take into account what they want and how you can easily give it to them. This gives them a little taste of what a fantastic service provider you are, and what you can do for them and their pet.

Find your ideal local pet sitting and dog walking services here.

Find your ideal local pet sitting and dog walking services here.

Many professionals are members of NAPPS, PSI, ASPE and other pet sitting associations.

Many Pet Sitter Directory professionals are members of NAPPS, PSI, ASPE and other pet sitting associations.