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How To Prepare Your Home For A Pet Sitter Visit

Pet Sitter House Prep

You’re going out of town for a luxurious Hawaiian vacation. You were lucky enough to land the purrfect pet sitter that you and your pets adore. Sounds like you’re ready to jet off.

But before you pack your bags and bust out the Hawaiian shirt, there are a few things you need to do to allow your pet sitter to best do their job.

Make It Pet Safe

Your pet may get bored while you’re away. Make sure they can’t get into trouble by moving anything potentially toxic or dangerous out of paw’s reach. Anything from cleaners, antifreeze, candy, paint, nut, etc. should be properly stored.

Make It Clean

Leaving waste in your home can cause an odor that your pet and pet sitter will have to deal with. Your dog may attend to it in their own way, which may be tearing it apart and decorating your house with it. Instead, dispose of any food that may spoil in your fridge, make sure dishes are clean and put away, and all garbage cans are dumped and out of reach.

Make It Easy To See

Try to hook up motion sensor exterior lights and timed interior lights to go on at dusk and off around bedtime. This will not only scare away potential thieves, but it will also help protect your pet sitter from toe stubs and falls.

Make It Easy To Find

Take everything your pet sitter will need to care for your pet—food bowl, leash, toys—and put them in one special area. That way your pet sitter doesn’t have to search the entire house looking for necessities, and can spend more time entertaining your pet.

Let Security Know

If you live in a gated community, make sure security knows that a pet sitter will be in your home, or give your pet sitter a functioning gate code. That way your pet sitter won’t get stuck at the gate, or have to tail someone in.

Let Neighbors Know

Tell a trusted neighbor that a pet sitter will be visiting your home while you’re away. That way they don’t call the police when they see someone going inside your house. Be sure to give your pet sitter your neighbor’s name and phone number, just in case.

Let Pet Sitters Know

As you don’t want to surprise neighbors with the presence of your pet sitter, make sure your pet sitter knows if anyone is coming to the house while you’re gone. Someone stopping in to stay the night, gardener or pool maintenance person may startle your pet sitter if not given a warning.

If you’ve done all these things your pet sitter will have no problem providing you and your pet world class service. You can go on vacation with total peace of mind knowing your pet’s in good hands. All you have to worry about is how to get an even tan.

Find your ideal local pet sitting and dog walking services here.

Find your ideal local pet sitting and dog walking services here.

Many professionals are members of NAPPS, PSI, ASPE and other pet sitting associations.

Many Pet Sitter Directory professionals are members of NAPPS, PSI, ASPE and other pet sitting associations.