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10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Pet Sitter

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Hiring a pet sitter is no different from hiring a baby sitter. There is no one-sitter-fits all solution for you and your furred, feathered and finned loved ones. But if you find yourself with a list of potential pet sitters, and no idea where to start, don’t panic! We’ve compiled a list of must-ask questions when interviewing your next possible pet sitter. That way you can leave home with confidence and peace of mind.

#1 Do you offer an initial consultation?

Many pet sitters will meet with potential clients for free, or for a very low fee. It is important to make sure pet owner, pet and pet sitter see eye-to-eye. This will also be your opportunity to ask any questions you might have, so have a list prepared.

#2  Are you bonded and insured?

This is one of the biggest things that sets professional pet sitters apart from amateurs, such as a family member or neighbor. A bonded pet sitter will pay out the pet owner in the event that an employee steals from a client, if the employee is found guilty.

Insurance for pet sitters is like any other form of liability insurance. In the event that damage is done to property or pets, the pet sitter’s insurance will compensate the pet owner.

#3  Do you give update on my pet’s behavior?

Some pet sitters may leave a note explaining how the pet service went and how the pet reacted during this time. Others may send text messages, phone calls, emails or pictures to give updates on pets while you’re away.

#4  Do you have references and a clean background check?

Many professional pet sitters will have references and verification of a background check on hand. Don’t be afraid to ask for these things. It’s common practice, and they won’t be offended.

#5  What happens in the event of an emergency?

Before leaving, make sure your pet sitter knows what to do in the event of emergency on the pet and the pet sitter’s behalf. If the pet sitter is unable to care for your pet due to forces outside of their control, they should have a plan for a back up sitter. On the other hand, make sure the pet sitter knows which vet your pet goes to and necessary medical information, in the event of an emergency.

#6  How long is each of your visits?

Typically, pet sitter visits are 30 minutes, but it can vary. If your pet requires additional care, attention or you have multiple pets; your pet sitter may offer additional time to suit your needs.

#7  Do you take pets that require special care?

Different pet sitters will have different areas of expertise and specialties. If your pet requires special attention, is of an unusual breed or species, or needs medication administrated, this must be discussed.

#8  How far in advance do you require reservations?

If you find the perfect pet sitter, make sure you book them! Don’t wait until the last minute, especially during the holiday season. Your ideal pet sitter may be fully booked, and you may have to settle for a second or even third choice option. Typically, you want to book a pet sitter at least 2 weeks in advance. But if you have last minute plans, still call them. They may be able to squeeze you in or have a last minute cancelation.

#9  Will you require me to sign a contract?

A professional pet sitter will have you sign a written contract with them. This ensures that pet sitter and pet owner know the terms to which they’re agreeing to. Such as, how long they will care for your pet and what they will be doing during each visit.

#10  What happens if I come home later than expected?

When traveling during the holiday season, delays due to weather and traffic may happen. Make sure that your pet sitter calls, or you call, to verify that you are home on schedule. That way your pet is not home alone without care.

Find your ideal local pet sitting and dog walking services here.

Find your ideal local pet sitting and dog walking services here.

Many professionals are members of NAPPS, PSI, ASPE and other pet sitting associations.

Many Pet Sitter Directory professionals are members of NAPPS, PSI, ASPE and other pet sitting associations.