Profitable People Skills For Pet Professionals With Shawn Schuh, Women In The Pet Industry Network President

We sat down with the President of WIPIN and asked her, what really holds back pet professionals from reaching their goals?

As a certified speaking professional, business coach, and Master’s Certification recipient of Neurolinguistic Programming, Shawna understands how communication skills translate into business growth. In this audio interview, Shawna discusses how pet professionals can stay in love with their businesses while becoming more profitable.

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How To Be Your Pet Sitter’s Favorite Client

You’ve finally done it! You’ve found the pet sitter of your dreams. Now that you have someone to put the sparkle back into your pet’s eyes when you’re away, how do you hang on to them?

There are things you can do to help make your pet sitter’s life much easier. Follow these easy tips and you’ll create a fantastic working relationship with your pet sitter for many years.

Book In Advance

Show respect for your pet sitter’s time. Don’t always be calling them trying to book at the last minute. If it’s an emergency and you have to leave immediately, they may be able to accommodate you, but don’t make a habit out of it.

Instead, book your pet sitter at least 2 weeks in advance. The more time the better, especially during the holidays.

Understand You’re Not Their Only Client

Professional pet sitters, especially the good ones, have dozens of clients. They will do what they can to fulfill your needs, but you must be reasonable with requests.

Asking them to turn on a porch light when they come by is a totally normal request that they will gladly do. But asking your pet sitter to wash your dishes is a bit excessive. Doing so may cause them to run behind schedule with other pets and takes away time from your own pet.

Respect Their Policies

Whether you’re going into an ongoing service agreement or a one-time visit, make sure you understand the terms you’re agreeing to. If you’re confused about something, ask during your consultation or anytime prior to signing a contract.

Some clients may not like the 24-hour cancelation policy many pet sitters have, but like other service providers, it’s there to protect their business. When you book with a pet sitter, they are committing their time to you. When you cancel on very short notice, they probably won’t be able to fill that time slot.

Trust Your Sitter

A professional pet sitter knows what they are doing. And they know how much trust is necessary to allow someone into their home to care for a member of their family. Needless to say, trust is important.

If you don’t trust your pet sitter, you need a new one. Whether this distrust is real or perceived, if there’s a problem in the trust department, it’s not going to work out.

Be Honest

If you’re still searching for your dream pet sitter, this step is especially important. When meeting your potential pet sitter, they will ask you about your pet’s temperament and behavior. If your dog tends to be aggressive towards strangers, or has other behavior issues, a potential pet sitter needs to know.

They may not take on your pet, but you don’t want them to enter your home thinking they’re taking care of Lassie and be met by Cujo. They could get seriously hurt if they aren’t prepared for the encounter.

But on the bright side, they might know of an even BETTER pet sitter who specializes in pets with special needs.

Long Story Short

Working as a pet sitter is a personal profession. They are the surrogate family when you are unable to be there for your pet. Many pets become very attached to the sitters who care for them, and vice versa. When you find YOUR pet sitter, follow these guidelines to create a long, meaningful, professional relationship.